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Real Estate's Greatest Dangers and Landlord 101 (Books)

Investing in residential real estate and navigating the property market can be challenging – especially without prior knowledge of the potential pitfalls. Our books are designed to help you make smart decisions when it comes to real estate and property.

Real Estate’s Greatest Dangers gives insight into some of the things that you should be aware of in regards to property and real estate, including:

  • The value of hiring the right agent for your property
  • The impact of property presentation on market price
  • The heart buyer and the dangers of rejecting early offers
  • The two lies of the real estate industry

An understanding of the topics covered in this book will help you avoid some of the potential dangers of buying, selling or investing in property.

Landlord 101 is designed to give simple, hard-won lessons about being a landlord without the technicalities. Its purpose is to help potential and current landlords avoid many of the pitfalls that can turn the joy of owning an investment property into a nightmare investment that consumes both time and money.

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